Taking Care of Myself

Lady and the Library

Sometimes a long weekend spent in your own company is just what you need to fully recharge your batteries. Three days dedicated to taking care of myself – solitude, reading, cooking, writing, pampering, walks, and sleeping.

Life has been hectic and after having guests in our house all summer, I am done with people. Having a few days downtime has been a blessing. I am a casebook introvert, so I find being around people for long periods of time absolutely exhausting.

Quite pertinently, I am reading a book called Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. I desperately needed a reminder that sometimes taking care of yourself first is the best thing for everybody, including those you love most. If your own tank is empty, there is nothing you can give to others.

Being thankful for everything you have is the key to happiness. Just having a few days to be alone and focus on all of the things I already have in my life has been the best way to appreciate how rich I am. Taking time to read and write is imperative and essential for me. I have had the most blissful weekend that reflects in so many facets of my life; my skin is glowing, my eyes are clear, my heart is full, my home is organised, my bed has fresh linen, and I’m packing for Europe.

Tomorrow night I have a university alumni event to attend in the Queen’s Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria. I am looking forward to a night of inspirational speakers, champagne, and a private tour of the library, included the restricted sections – Hermione Granger style!

I can’t say it enough. Take some time, even a few minutes each day to reflect on your blessings and take care of yourself for a more fulfilling and positive life brimming with happiness.

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