As a young child I was forever dreaming about exotic destinations and I knew that my life would take me adventuring to new and unfamiliar places far away from home. Being Australian, I did not travel “overseas” until I turned 21. I got a full time job and saved all my wages until I finally had enough money to book myself to a trip to Italy to spend my 21st birthday in Venice. A string quartet played “Happy Birthday” to me in St Marks Square and I made a wish to keep exploring the world from that moment forward and I have kept that promise close to my heart ever since. I absolutely loved Italy and enjoyed it even more because I had saved so hard to get myself there. I remember throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain and pinching myself – was this even real life?

Only three months after I arrived home from Italy, I flew out of Australian summer and arrived into Danish winter for a working holiday in Copenhagen. When I left Melbourne I had never even seen snow, which soon became a present and exhilarating element of my life living in Scandinavia.

One year later I flew home to spend Christmas with my family and I immediately applied for a UK working visa and off I flew for a year in London. Quite by surprise, towards the end of my first year, I was beginning to feel completely and utterly homesick and decided to move back to Australia and forfeit the second year of my working holiday visa. The home sickness turned out to be quite short lived and within a few short months I moved out of my parents home in the country to embark on my first real career… as a travel agent. Working in the travel industry has provided me with some wonderful opportunities to see the world and I have acquired a wealth of knowledge along the way. I have a wandering heart and have lived in six different cities in the past ten years. I have aways been attracted to places and people from other lands, and the love of my life just happens to be a Dutchman, who has recently become a permanent Australian resident.

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