My gorgeous Mum is truly like no other and I feel so grateful to have been raised by such a strong and spirited woman. As I grew up, she has become my absolute best friend and like so many of us, I have realised that I take her presence in my life for granted. Not in a selfish way, more so that I just expect her to always be there when I need her. Upon reflection over the past years I have realised that we must cherish the special people in our lives everyday and treat them like royalty. I owe my very existence to this woman, so it’s only natural that I want to shower her with gratitude and make her feel like a Queen.

Mother’s nurture us in their womb for nine months as we literally siphon the nutrients that we need to survive from their own supply, and often to the detriment of their own health. This is only the beginning though, as that innate sense of motherhood kicks in and for the rest of her life she will do literally anything to love and protect her baby. That same bond can exist between father and child, aunt and child, and in so many wonderful variations, and I know that some people don’t share a bond with their mother at all. I know beautiful people who have sadly lost their mother and have seen the gaping hole that this loss leaves in their life. So, whoever your mother figure or special person may be, love them with all your heart. People should never be left wondering whether or not you love them.

My Mum and I share a family tradition at The Hotel Windsor, our favourite place to stay in Melbourne where we can also enjoy traditional high tea. We go at least once a year, and sometimes we are celebrating a special occasion and other times that special occasion is just life. This time we headed into the city for the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day and spend some quality time together in style. We booked theatre tickets, and as always, had the most wonderful time together.

The Hotel Windsor is not only close to my heart, but is special in her own right as the last remaining grand heritage hotel in Australia, built in 1883 during the Victorian period. Designed by architect, Charles Webb, The Hotel Windsor even pre-dates some of the world’s most iconic luxury hotels, such as The Savoy in London, The Waldorf Astoria in New York, The Ritz in Paris, and Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Originally named The Grand Hotel, the name was changed to The Windsor after hosting a luncheon attended by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales in 1923, who is famously known for abdicating the throne to marry divorcee, Wallis Simpson.

As a keen lover of history from the Victorian period, staying at The Hotel Windsor is like stepping back in time. There is a sense of elegance and tradition that is embedded in the excellent service and attention to detail the staff maintain, and although the hotel is showing signs of age, she is due to begin a full scale restoration and renovation in 2018. The Windsor is located in the old heart of the city, close to Parliament House and the beautiful Treasury Gardens. Surrounded by theatres, restaurants, and parks – the city is right outside the front door, simply descend the red carpeted stairs and you will find everything you need within walking distance.

Afternoon tea at The Windsor is a quintessential Melbourne tradition. The hotel has served over two million guests since 1883, and still attracts hundreds of people each week. When you look around the tea room, there are young people sipping tea with the grandmothers, mothers and daughters, families celebrating birthdays and graduations. There is a lovely ambiance and atmosphere in the room that imbues a feeling that is both special and a little bit magical.

High Tea is served on a three tiered silver stand brimming with delights – the famous scones are on top, both traditional and sultana flavours baked fresh daily and served with clotted cream and raspberry jam or lemon curd. The second tier offers a selection of gourmet savoury pastries, and the bottom is full of delightful ribbon sandwiches filled with cucumber and butter, egg mayonnaise with dill, smoked salmon with cream cheese, and ham with English mustard. On the weekends, you also have access to the heavenly dessert buffet, spread with 130 years worth of Windsor classics, fresh fruit, and a chocolate fountain. Afternoon Tea comes with a glass of French bubbles, a choice of beautiful teas that are served in a tea pot. All of the crockery is custom made, white with silver embellishment.

While we were in the city, we decided to make the most of Melbourne’s thriving theatre scene, opting to see Saturday matinee of Aladdin, and then we were extremely lucky to win front row seats to see Book of Mormon on Sunday. Both shows were brilliant for utterly different reasons. Aladdin was an explosion of colour and stayed true to the family friendly Disney classic, while Book of Mormon was so blasphemously hilarious it actually brought tears to my eyes.

So, why not treat your Mum to something a little more spectacular for Mother’s Day this year by booking high tea at The Hotel Windsor. It really is worth every penny and although it may only be a once in a lifetime experience, it will create a beautiful memory that will live on for many years to come.


  1. Annie Contact

    A tradition we always continue. Love spending our special time together.A bond that can never be broken. The love from a Mother that is so proud of the two children she brought into this wonderful world.


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