Welcome to Lady and the Library, my little corner of the internet that began quite simply as a personal outlet to write about my love affair with books and travel. Without expectation of any kind this little passion project of mine inadvertently evolved into a real labour of love that inspires me to think and learn every single day.

Growing up in a small country town I never really heard people talking about William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, but my fondest childhood pastime was scouring the shelves of the small library in my hometown, looking for inspiration amidst the musty aroma of old books and leather. The allure of reading fairy tales was the ability to immerse myself in a world of magic and make believe where my colourful imagination could grow and prosper. This love of magical worlds created a sense of longing to find the extraordinary in daily life, which naturally led to a love of exploration and adventure. Travel has played such an influential role in my life, opening my eyes to so many different ways of living. From losing all sense of direction and trying to figure out foreign cities and languages, to living abroad on the other side of the world and in a different hemisphere. Travel is the best real world education money can buy. During my travels I discovered the beauty of solitude, gained confidence, tolerance, and opened my heart and mind to people who are different to me. That is the most wonderful part of exploration, learning just how tiny and insignificant our lives really are in the grand scheme of things. We are all just a tiny speck of dust in this immensely amazing universe and whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or caught up in trivial matters, I look to the stars to remind myself that our time on earth is fleeting and every moment should be cherished.

My happiness is found in quiet villages off the beaten track, secret gardens, little bakeries, bluebells in the woods, old-fashioned bookshops, local market day, and country lanes not on the map. I find the simple elements of daily life the most beautiful. We are all different and no two journeys are ever the same – what we learn, what we experience, and who we connect with, but the most valuable journey we undertake in our lives is a solitary one, learning to love and understand ourselves.