Welcome! I’m Jess, a Melbourne based literature lover who started Lady and the Library as a journal to document my love of books, art, history, literary travel and beautiful places. These are the themes that have shaped my life.

As a little girl, my fondest childhood pursuit was scouring the shelves of my local library for magical adventures. The sweet musty fragrance of the library is so deeply infused in my memory that I can vividly recall the details like it was just yesterday. The jangle of the bell that hung above the door, the warm dusty afternoon glow flickering through arched windows, the librarian rifling through a wooden catalogue drawer with her tortoise-shell glasses balanced on the bridge of her nose, the pure delight of leaving the library with a bag full of books; the library was my happy place.

As a reader, I have always been passionately curious with a yearning to find the imaginary worlds from my books, in real life. This shy little bookworm grew into an adventurous and independent young lady who filled every page of her first passport with foreign stamps. When I travel, I’m the leading lady in my own story, opening my eyes to different ways of living – from losing all sense of direction while trying to figure out foreign cities, maps and languages, to uprooting and moving to an entirely different hemisphere. Travel has taught me the beauty of solitude and feeling lost in translation, but most importantly, that we’re all just tiny particles of dust in an immense universe.

My happiness is found in nature and off the beaten track, in secret gardens, old-fashioned bookshops, and down country lanes not listed on the map. We are all different and no two journeys are ever the same, but there is beauty in sharing our experiences and finding a sense of kinship with people who love the same things you do.

Brew some tea, cosy into your favourite spot and I hope you’ll stay a little while.